Located near Beirut, the Lebanon Casino is an exceptional establishment for several reasons. The latter has 600 latest generation slots, more than 60 gaming tables, and holds the Guinness Record for the largest roulette wheel in the world .

A rich offer

The Lebanon Casino is one of the largest casinos in the Middle East. Located next to Jounieh, near Beirut the capital of Lebanon, the casino has up to 600 state-of-the-art one-armed bandits and just over 60 classic gaming tables.

The casino offers so many one-armed bandits that it has dedicated an entire room to this specific type of game. This is the room called Slots Palace. Arrive inside this room, the player has access to a variety of slot machines. You can count video slots, horse racing betting, and video blackjack. The choice is really wide for the players. The objective of the CEO of the casino, Mr. Roland el-Khoury was that all budgets can access the games.

Regarding the gaming tables, the casino is nonetheless empty. The casino offers many modern and traditional gaming tables. Poker tournaments are regularly organized in the establishment with regard to the informative calendar available on site. In addition to this, we can find many card games: 3 Card Prime Poker, Star Poker, Heads Up Hold’em, Casino Stud Poker, Punto Banco, as well as classic blackjack.

The players will be able to meet in rooms which bear original names: International, Mediterranean, the Golden Circle, among others. For the high roller, that is to say the wealthy players who like the risk, private rooms exist. These rooms contain tables where the stake can reach several thousand euros. A tradition in this casino, fans of Texas Hold’em Poker prefer to meet in the Ambassadors room.

Shows and a world record for the Lebanon casino

The Lebanon Casino is also known for its incredible roulette. Indeed, the establishment received a Guinness Record certificate in December 2017, thanks to its roulette wheel. This is 13.8 m in diameter, 12 m above the ground. It is obviously the largest roulette wheel in the world.

Casino du Liban is not just casino gambling. It also offers evening entertainment, including artistic performances. This is how he proposes on April 13-14, the famous Canadian singer Veronic Dicaire. On the program for each evening, a series of imitations of more than 50 famous artists from the French-speaking world and elsewhere. The spectators will be able to attend imitations of Madonna, Tina Turner, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Édith Piaf, Mylène Farmer, Rihanna, or Celine Dion, among others. You can come earlier, and wait for the start of the show at the Cercle d’Or restaurant, or in La Martingale. A few weeks ago, the French artist Didier Barbelivien sold out. Proof that the Lebanon casino is successful.

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